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5 Indoor plants we haven’t killed yet…

Monstera Deliciosa taking over my workspace

I love indoor plants, the green keeps the house feeling fresh, plus the added benefits of cleaning the air. But, I’m not great at keeping them alive. Me: Look, I bought a new plant for the living room today *smiles* Husband: *rolls eyes*… here we go again… This is a conversation that has happened more […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Couch with Blush Cushion & Essential Throw

Well, we all make them, New Year’s Resolutions: exercise more, eat less… we all know the standard list. I’m talking about a few little resolutions or things you can do for your home. A couple of little ways to freshen things up, give your home, and you some positive energy. By now, Im sure you’ve […]

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Indoor Plants.. a 70’s revival

Indoor Plant_Bathroom Styling

I think it’s safe to say that up until a year or so ago indoor plants are traditionally associated with the 70’s. Think wood panelled¬†planter boxes in entry ways, I remember when we moved in to our new family home when I was about 12 and it still had the original planter box at the […]

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