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5 Indoor plants we haven’t killed yet…

Monstera Deliciosa taking over my workspace

I love indoor plants, the green keeps the house feeling fresh, plus the added benefits of cleaning the air. But, I’m not great at keeping them alive. Me: Look, I bought a new plant for the living room today *smiles* Husband: *rolls eyes*… here we go again… This is a conversation that has happened more […]

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Spice up your kitchen


Introducing our new range of kitchen accessories so you can spice up your kitchens style. Our new range of kitchen canisters, cheese paddles, organisation trays, dip bowls and more are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Each piece looks perfect layered as part the display for your kitchen nook and the added bonus of ultimate […]

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Introducing Cooee to White Home Boutique

Cooee Ball Vase

As you know we love the pure luxury of how a single tray can take your things and make them feel organised and Cooee has the most beautiful range of trays in rectangle and round to match any colour palette. Cooee Design is an innovative design company based in the deep forests of Småland, Sweden […]

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The Dream Beach house

For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you would have started to see some images sneak in to your feed of our inspiration for our dream beach house. For us, the dream beach house is one part of the inspiration for White Home Boutique. Living interstate from each other, our phone conversations quickly turned […]

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